Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sundays with Sabretooth

Here's a commission of a guy I've never even thought to draw before, Marvel's Sabretooth. I love the design of the costume despite the fact that it doesn't make a bit of sense for a guy like Sabretooth. I do love using that whole "villain looking menacing holding the mask of his counterpart" routine.

Also, the sketch cards (I mentioned them a couple weeks ago) that I did for the March of Dimes are now up on eBay. The bidding on them ends in about 5 days so make sure to put them on your watch list now. Here's the link.

Enjoy the rest of this miserably hot weekend while it lasts. I'll have more tomorrow.

1 comment:

Bob Dahlstrom said...

Oh! I didn't see the colored version. This is pretty awesome, Evan!