Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Clark and Bill

This week's theme over at the Comic Twart is That Guy in the Cape I'm always talking about, and here's the big surprise: I'm not the one who forced the rest of the guys to draw him. Here's an even bigger shocker, this is not my piece for the Twart this week. This is for something else. More on that later.

Of course I start every day by drawing Captain Marvel 200 times, but it's been a very long time since I drew Superman. And I missed it.

I'm told now that it's cool to let everybody know what this is for. This is the cover to this December's issue of Fawcett Collectors of America, which appears in Alter Ego magazine. Here's a link where you can get ordering info. Check out that Ordway cover! To see my piece as it will appear click here. I'm really excited about the issue and I appreciate P.C. Hamerlinck giving me the chance to contribute to this great publication.


Matt said...

Oh the tease! I want to know!! :D

Jon McNally said...

Sometimes Clark needs to be reminded who's the earth's mightiest mortal!

Thomas Perkins said...

I love this!

Ken O said...

I like any picture where Batman or Superman are put in their place.


diceciper said...

Yay that is great news as a long time reader of Alter Ego I am looking forward to this.