Tuesday, September 28, 2010

COMIC the Sailor TWART

Instead of just posting a clip of it like usual, here's the entirety of my final piece for the COMIC TWART featuring Popeye and friends. This took a long while because I had trouble figuring out exactly what I wanted to do until Friday of last week, and then there was a lot of digging through the cartoons to be done. I really wanted to do something that would fit in a bunch of the little things I like about the character's history so I went with something akin to the old 12 panel Thimble Theatre Sunday page grid. As far as all those little things:

- Castor: In discovering the strip I was really taken with Olive's brother, Castor. He basically brings Popeye into the strip after all and he's got a great face for cartoons. I'm a little disappointed now that he and the rest of the Oyl family were never in any of the cartoons. My favorite part in this piece is watching his face as the strip goes along.
- That's Brutus in the 2nd, 3rd, and final panels, not Bluto. Frankly, Brutus is a heck of a lot funnier to me. It's probably the crossed eyes and uni-brow.
- The 5th panel has got Poopdeck Pappy, who I've never drawn before, but I have drawn Popeye and plenty of beards.
- The 6th panel is a reference to the inital story where Jack Snork shot Popeye while at sea and Bernice the Whiffle Hen basically saved his life.
- Eugene the Jeep is hanging out on the gutters between the panels, as creatures who can pass into the fourth dimension tend to do. This is a reference to what I think is one of the funniest gags ever.
- The 7th panel is from Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp.
- The 8th panel is from the short Goonland.
- The 9th panel is from Popeye the Sailor meets Sindbad the Sailor. The giant buzzard from that cartoon is my stand-in for Bernard, the Sea Hag's buzzard, both of which I wanted to put in here but didn't get to. There's Bluto in the back as Sindbad.
- The 10th panel is a reference to the last scene in the 1980 live-action movie featuring Robin Williams. Olive and Wimpy are in there if you look real close.
- And the rest of it is just me foolishly trying to be Segar.

Thanks for coming back and checking out the Popeye sketches all week folks, this was a lot of fun for me. If you've got a little time make sure to check out my tumblr account - Wait a Minute, Doc - where I was posting various Popeye related art and such throughout the week.

toot toot!


able-spacer said...

I've really enjoyed this Popeye jones you've been on! Great work all around!

In related news, I recently stumbled across a tee-shirt at my local Target that puts the wearer's head atop Popeye's torso.

Blow me down!

Matt said...

You know...that second to last panel has the least amount of action/characters and yet i think it's one of my favorite panels. I really want to see a comic from you with that neighborhood:)

Jim Purcell said...

Yup, this is fantastic. Bonus points for using Castor Oyl, who is an amazing character (and the original star of Thimble Theater) who needs more respect.

Brilliant work as usual Evan.

Paul Salvi said...

Nothing has been or will be greater than this.