Thursday, October 28, 2010

Commissions - October/November

Aaaaaand it's time to open commissions again! As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, October was just too busy what with moving and fixing up the house to take any commissions when I normally would have. I'm just now finally getting back into something resembling a schedule and finishing what few are left from the last round but it's time to take some new ones. I'll be taking a few more than usual to make up for October, but this will essentially be the commissions for November. I do plan on taking more at the beginning of December, but be aware that if you want something in time for the holidays you'll want to play it safe and try to get it this round. I'm also considering raising my rates as of next January so now's the time to get in on this. Enough talk, here are the rates: Below you'll find some examples of what the categories may look like.1 Mugshot
1 Figure
2 Figures

This is only a rough idea of what your commission might look like. I will most likely add some kind of background to each, just something simple, but it's not guaranteed.

I will keep adding any pertinent information to this post as it comes up. Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments. If you're interested in a piece, e-mail me at Thanks!

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