Saturday, January 01, 2011

Born on a Monday

As I mentioned a few days ago, Carla and I have been under the weather for practically the last couple of weeks. I had thought at that time that I had seen the worse of my flu but then I was knocked out again on Friday. This was right after I took sketch suggestions on twitter in an effort to get back into the work groove with something fun. I made a pick, started the sketch, and then was completely laid out with a headache and sinus infection. This is why this is coming two days later than it should have taken.

My pick, as you can see, was Paul Tobin's suggestion of Solomon Grundy. I like big dumb characters who talk like cavemen. Bizarro has long been my favorite Superman character. I think the Hulk is great too. I liked Grundy way before I got into comic books because of the commercial that Cartoon Network ran featuring his Superfriends incarnation asking for pants. I cannot believe I hadn't even tried drawing the big guy yet.

I had a lot of folks asking for Wildcat as well so I figured why not throw a whole bunch of JSA'ers in there? Hawkman and Jay Garrick are the only ones I've drawn before. Wildcat is surprisingly a lot of fun. This was for all of you folks who keep asking for more JSA stuff.


Anton said...

hands down one of the best villains of all time.

Philip A. Buck said...

wow Grundy and the Specter! great!

Gerry said...

thats wonderfull ! id love to see A Marvel version of that with The Hulk and Avengers