Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SHAZAM Dream Teams

Zack Smith’s been running a great series on the history of Captain Marvel over at Newsarama for his 70th anniversary. He was nice enough to include some of my work in the art he posted alongside it. At the end of the series he’s posted a poll of sorts with a list of 15 sets of names for possible Captain Marvel “dream teams” which one can vote on. You’ll find that here. They’re not ranked but I’m right at the top with Jeff Parker, much like that post from a year ago where I suggested the same thing.

Now, I don’t have any delusions of coming out on top. There are a lot of really great folks on that list and, as I noted yesterday, on a poll including myself I would put myself in 10th or so place. And you all know how bad I want in on that book. I feel a little bad that Parker got lumped in with me, ha!

So here’s something I drew up special last night. I’m not expecting to take the thing by storm but it would be pretty cool to see my name in the comments a couple times as the only “who’s that guy?” on the list. It’s really neat just to be included, knowing full well that I would vote for Samnee or Immonen myself. So spread this around if you like and thanks for looking as always.

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marco's blog said...

you got my vote dude...great work