Monday, February 07, 2011

Kahndaq vs. Atlantis

Imperious Rex! Here's a long-overdue commission of Black Adam taking on Namor along with their respective cohorts. This was one of my favorite ideas of the last couple of rounds. I'm always game for drawing Black Adam, and I've never tried Isis or Osiris. I sort of made up elements of Osiris' costume since, looking over 52, nobody drew it the same way twice.

Namor and Namora I've drawn a couple times, both are a lot of fun, but Namorita's almost completely new to me. I still don't quite understand her relation to the others.

You all can probably guess who I'd think would win.


 Damon Orrell said...

Someone gets a nice piece and we all get some wallpaper :P

It looks great!

Thomas Perkins said...

Ah hell! That is super great!

dicecipher said...

Very cool.

MaGnUs said...
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MaGnUs said...

Namorita is Namora's clone daughter, that is, she was cloned from her an implanted in an egg that she gestated and gave birth to.

Great piece, BTW.

Piperson said...

This is wonderful Evan! I never saw the similarities to these guys till now. If only one of the big 2 would hire you to work on their books, the comic world would be a brighter place.
So you have a comic you work on?