Thursday, February 24, 2011


Wanted to make sure I posted something this week, running around trying to make sure I'm prepared for ECCC. I realized a while ago that nearly every time I post something here I go on about how much I like the character, so I thought it might be a good change if I drew somebody I don't like today. So here's the Punisher. I don't hate the guy, I don't really hate any characters (because clearly that'd be silly), but man it takes a lot for me to read anything with him.


joecab said...

His face looks a bit like Brock Samson's, donstcha think?

Philip A. Buck said...

I agree Joecab! haha
Doc, this is great! I don't like the Punisher... at all, besides his cool skull shirt. Which by the way, you handled very well!