Monday, February 14, 2011

The World's Strangest COMIC TWART

The theme at the Comic Twart this past week was DC's Doom Patrol, as picked by Chris Samnee. Instead of showing a clip here this week I thought I'd show a couple of photos I took in the middle of inking everything. Above is some of the lettering I did for this week's piece, and below is some detail of Negative Man. Click on Negative Man to see the whole piece finished and in color.


Doug said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!

If I had the scratch to plunk down right now, I'd plunk it! Maybe a layaway program?

Great stuff as always, sir!

Ev said...

I LOOOOOVE that ink brushed on paper gloss. This is all types of awesome Evan.

Philip A. Buck said...

Wow! this pops with brilliance! haha!
I really dig the way you have captured who the characters are and what they can do in such a simple looking way. The Negative Man(?) is great, and kicks in just enough old school with the treatment of the bandages.

Oh, and im crazy about the lettering too.