Sunday, April 10, 2011

No. 1

I got to thinking about how much I'd rather see Bizarro in a Superman movie after it was announced that General Zod had been cast for Man of Steel. Bizarro is my favorite Superman "villain", heck, he's probably my favorite Superman character. If not in Man of Steel, I hope they get around to putting Bizarro in a movie eventually.

I drew this as a bit of a companion to a recent Superman sketch. Square explosions are harder to draw than I expected.

UPDATE: I put 'em side by side for the heck of it.

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Zack Smith said...

That would be cool if General Zod tried to recreate Krypton, but only came up with an army of deformed, mindless Bizarros, and Superman had to fight off an army of powerful creatures and an insane facist from his home planet to save his adopted world, finally coming to accept himself as a child of Earth in the process.

...I'm being a backseat screenwriter. I just wish they'd adapt Mark Waid's BIRTHRIGHT, that's a Superman movie on the page right there.