Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Yer a Wizard, Harry

Here's today's sketch: Harry Potter (and friends)! Finally, everyone else in my family will be familiar with something I drew. I just started reading the first book for the first time (gasp!) a few weeks ago so this has been on my mind. Admittedly, I take a lot of my reference for these guys from the movies. I'm definitely planning on coloring this one whenever I get a chance.

Like last week's sketches, this one's for sale, $75 US plus shipping.



Munchanka said...

Your Hermione is spot-on.

Simon J said...

great drawing! I love the expressions. I never really liked the film versions of the HP main characters, Harry, Hermionie and Ron, Voldemort and especially Dumbledore (he's terrible). But the teachers, Hagrid, Snape, malfoy and the villians in general are awesome...