Thursday, July 07, 2011

Big Gopher

As part of my birthday, I sat down and watched the Rocketeer movie last night. I sometimes forget how much I enjoy that movie. It came out when I was 6 and I still dig it just as much (if not more) 20 years later. Anyway, I figure it's been long enough since I last drew him.

Update: Added a little color. The original inks are still here below:


Munchanka said...

I'm the same age, and can totally relate to your love for this movie. Let's hope Joe Johnston brings the love for Captain America as well!

Nice title, btw. One of the best quotes in the film!

Mike Lynch said...

Awesome! Hope to see this one colored! You might enjoy this:

Miguel and the Detroit Wolverines said...

please, just keep drawing the Rocketeer forever.

CB Archer said...

Hello Doc,

Thought you might want to get in touch with Harris Tobias. Either for the nostalgia reason of remembering when you made this cover for him, or for other reasons.