Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sudden Commissions

Hey all! Due to sudden car troubles this morning (I realize that with as often as this seems to happen, we should probably just get a new one at this point) I'm going to run a short commission drive. As noted above, the rates have risen again since the last time, but these will be the standard rates for the foreseeable future. For today, I'm going to take as many commissions as needed to cover costs and then I'll close it down again for just a little while. You can e-mail me at evantshaner@gmail.com with any questions or requests.

In addition, I'm running a sale over at the shop with 50% off of everything there, as well as 25% any of the recent blog sketches which can be found here. Thanks all!


Dennis said...

I'll see if I can manage something for you sir this week I'll let you know what I can do in a day or so if you still need the cash then and all

folkes said...

Whats the chances of getting you to do some ink wask on some head sketches? just curious as i'm not sure if you offer that as a choice these days?