Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wanna Make Somethin' Of It?

Here's my JLI plan: (1) Draw this thing here. (2) Convince Nate Cosby this is something we should do. (3) Convince DC Comics they should throw money at us to do said thing despite a recent company-wide relaunch of their books involving nearly all these characters (except the presumably-still-dead one). (4) Overwhelming acclaim follows.

That doesn't seem like too much to ask.


ejne7 said...

I've got your acclaim right here - love it, and would love to see you guys on that title.

Anonymous said...

I'd definitely buy it if you two were doing the honors and brought back Ted Kord. I hate the new Blue Beetle XD

Rafa Rivas said...

It appeals to me a lot more than what DC just published. They might call it wahtever they want, but people just want to see Blue, Gold, Fire, Ice, Guy, J'onn, Ralph, Sue, Max and L-Ron (or Oberon) get into funny situations, with Batman as recurring guest star.