Friday, October 28, 2011

Marvel Two-In-One!

After the DC Fifty-Too! group's success with remaking the DC Universe it turned it's focus on the Marvel Universe. Above is my entry for one of my favorite series in Marvel's history, Marvel Two-In-One. I say more about my affection for the series, Ben Grimm, Gorilla-Man, and which characters I'd pick in following issues over at the site.

Here's the thumbnail from when I was trying to figure out who exactly I was going team Ben with. The actual size on this is about an inch and a half high. I originally just started drawing a crowd around them, "Doombots in the Savage Land" came later. I knew from the start that GM would use one of Ben's classic lines.Once I decided that it would be Gorilla-Man, I did some sketches of both of them to remind myself how to draw them, and play around with some specific design aspects, mostly small costume details.Thanks for looking!


Doug said...

Two parts awesome! One part Shaner! This is the book I want. NOW.

dicecipher said...

Awesome I love the action shot of Gorilla-Man in the character study as well.

shane oakley said...

that's a marvel comic i WOULD buy.

Gannon said...

Fantastic concept and execution.