Sunday, October 02, 2011

O Captain, Future Captain

As we get back into our regular rotation, the theme at ye olde Comic Twart this past week was Bucky Barnes, as picked by Mitch Breitweiser. Instead of the usual preview clip, I've posted the whole thing here. I've certainly come around to this character since Brubaker and Epting brought him back as the Winter Soldier a few years ago and his recent resurgence as a mainstay.

The background image is a Jack Kirby Captain America page I found, cleaned up, and colored. I've posted that below. I should note that this is not at all how I would normally color it, this was done completely with design in mind and trying to emphasize Bucky.
Thanks for looking!

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Howard James said...

What I like about your art is the warm Dell/Gold Key quality to it. Seeing your Marvel-DC superhero drawings brings a smile to my face seeing how they would look as if they were published by Dell/Gold Key.