Tuesday, October 04, 2011


A recent commission of Mon-El and Shadow Lass, two members of the Legion of Superheroes, a group I'm largely unfamiliar with but would like to know more about.

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Jim Purcell said...

I'm shocked you're not familiar with the Legion, considering how much love you seem to have for DC and their more out there characters.

Personally I only just got into the Legion myself over the last few months. On the surface the Legion of Super-Heroes looks a little daunting and hard to get into, what with all the reboots, relaunches, etc... But its honestly pretty straight forward. The Great Darkness Saga (reprinted in a great Deluxe Edition HC) is probably the most iconic Legion story and I found it a pretty solid starting point. Especially if you dig Bronze-Age superhero comics. From there there are a few options. You could skip ahead to the modern age and the most recent LoSH incarnation (which is heavily based on the 'original' pre- Crisis Legion). Start with Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes TP (by Geoff Jones), then Legion of 3 Worlds (Jones and Perez), and then LoSH: The Choice (by Paul Levitz) which starts collecting the most recent LoSH ongoing series. The recent DCnU relaunch title is a direct continuation of that series.

There are other places to try, if you really really really like Keith Giffen '5-Years Latter' LoSH (starting with Legion of Super-Heroes Vol.4 #1) is very different from typical... everything. I find it excellent. Alternatively you can skip ahead to the first reboot 'post-Zero-Hour' Legion, specifically the Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning Legion Lost maxi-series (now fully collected in a sexy Hard Cover). Not the same Legion as Great Darkness, but close enough to get right into it. Its a very powerful character driven series. Stands on its own really well too. The follow up DnA penned The Legion series is also solid.

Beyond that there's the 'Threeboot' Mark Waid Legion from 2004. As the series only ran 50 issues its really easy to pick everything up (also all collected in TP). But, while I thought the first 14 issues were a PERFECT story-arc. And a great LoSH story. When Supergirl joins the title it loses its energy, and just goes to crap. Jim Shooter took over with issue 38, and did some really interesting things. But the title got cancelled with issue 50, leaving a lot of his plot threads dangling. Very disappointing.

So yeah. That was a lot of words about The Legion of Super-Heroes. I'm rather obsessed with the franchise right now, sort of emerging myself in all its incarnations. If there are two things I've learned its this.

Ultra Boy is the great character EVER.

Mon-El is just TERRIBLE.