Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Pile of Good Things

Here's one of the recent commissions of Matt Smith's Doctor from Doctor Who. In particular it's a reference to my favorite episode of Smith's run, Vincent and the Doctor. Not so much the "Geronimo" bit, but you don't get an excuse to write Geronimo very often.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tribute to the King

Yesterday would have been Jack Kirby's 94th birthday, so I sketched up this tribute to him and the cover of Fantastic Four #82 in celebration. Just got the color on it today. Apologies to Karnak and Gorgon fans for cutting them out in favor of my favorite comics dog, Lockjaw. I've noted before that I'm a big fan of the FF and the Inhumans. Heck, throw Thor and Beast in there and you've got most of my favorite Marvel characters.

So here's to the King!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Magic of Shazam! (Fifty-Too)

A while back buddy Jon Morris asked me if I'd be interested in contributing to what became DC Fifty-Too!, where a bunch of us have each picked a book or character from the DC Universe and made up a cover as if we were involved in the upcoming DC Comics relaunch. Surprising no one, I picked Captain Marvel and the world of SHAZAM! When I was designing and drawing it I didn't realize how small some of the elements would be when it was all put together, so I thought I'd post some closer shots here, as well as a little commentary. I'll try to keep it as short as possible.

First, I should explain that if it were up to me I probably would change little or nothing. Cap and company have been so rarely used in the comics recently that I think there's still plenty of room to explore the characters as is. This whole thing is based on the premise that I've been told to change stuff up.

In a perfect world I'd be able to call the book Captain Marvel Adventures, but since I'm pretty sure that will never happen again, I wanted to make sure I did something with the 70's Shazam! logo. The "magic" in the title is important as the book would focus heavily on magic.
I love the "World's Mightiest Mortal" badge that used to be on issues of Captain Marvel Adventures, so I wanted to do something like that. I thought sticking new words for each issue would be fun. A second issue would have said "Mystery! Suspense! High School Girls!". "Giant Robots" is on this one because I think we need more giant robot fights in comics. Speaking of which--
--I would bring back a giant Mister Atom as soon as possible. I took some visual cues from Derek Fridolf's great take on Mister Atom for this. I've gone through all the villains (I mean all of them) and done some redesigning here and there. Everybody except--
--Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana. The guy's a classic so I wouldn't change a thing about him.
I wanted the Wizard Shazam to have a more unique design. There's nothing wrong with the old white/blue robe, but visually there's not much to it. So he's got more layers here and the familiar gold sash tied at the waist. Behind him you can see the Rock of Eternity and it's the same deal: just a few additions while retaining the overall look. And inside the Rock--
--the Great Hall, where the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man are kept. The six legends behind the word "SHAZAM", pictured above Shazam's seat, can also be reached directly here. The mysterious stranger would still be a part of the story.
Billy Batson is still a 12-year old orphan, and the kind of kid who says "Holy Moley!". Again, mostly a visual update.
No matter the title, I still think Cap's name should be on the cover somewhere, if for no other reason than hopefully people will eventually figure out his name isn't Shazam. Plus, I love that logo. Because I don't actually have a good shot of his full costume on the cover itself, I'm re-posting this image I did a couple weeks ago:
Finally, the girl in the bottom right corner is a character who's been around pretty much since the beginning, I've just re-purposed her here. I feel strongly that there needs to be an additional female presence in the book that isn't Billy's sister. I've made her younger for this and I'd probably change up her personality slightly, but her name remains the same. If you know your stuff you can probably figure out who it is, but if not you can always look at the name of the clip below.
Additionally, Mary, Freddy, and Adam wouldn't show up for the first 12 issues if I could help it (you can see my ideas for them here though). Same goes for the rest of the DC Universe. I do have an idea I really like for when the other Marvels show up though, something I might draw for fun eventually.

Hopefully some day I'll get to use some of these, but in the meantime this was a lot of fun to play around with. Thanks for looking!

Cap Explains It All

Nate Cosby, the writer I'm working with on Buddy Cops, has been doing these small quotes from different characters as if he were writing them. After begging him to do one for Cap, he wrote this. Taking a quick break the other night, I thought this would be fun to adapt to a 6-panel comic and practice a little "acting". The end result is the comic above.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I forgot to mention that one of my current projects was announced last Friday. Above are a couple pages from BUDDY COPS; written by Nate Cosby, art by me, and letters by Rus Wooton. It'll be an upcoming feature in Dark Horse Presents this fall. You can read more about it in this interview with Nate. Needless to say I'm very excited about this and I think you guys will get a kick out of it. At some point I'll post the original pages before I colored them.


Just inking away.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Power Girl

The theme over at the Comic Twart last week was DC Comics' Power Girl. Click the word balloon above to see the rest.

Friday, August 12, 2011

All set!

Aaaaand commissions are closed. Thanks so much to all who wrote in and helped me out! I'm going to keep the sales going for another couple days but for now I've covered the costs of repairing our car. I hadn't been planning on taking commissions quite yet because of the baby and work commitments, so I'm not sure when I'll be taking them again but when I do the current rates will remain. Again, thank you to everyone who picked something or helped spread the word for us.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sudden Commissions

Hey all! Due to sudden car troubles this morning (I realize that with as often as this seems to happen, we should probably just get a new one at this point) I'm going to run a short commission drive. As noted above, the rates have risen again since the last time, but these will be the standard rates for the foreseeable future. For today, I'm going to take as many commissions as needed to cover costs and then I'll close it down again for just a little while. You can e-mail me at evantshaner@gmail.com with any questions or requests.

In addition, I'm running a sale over at the shop with 50% off of everything there, as well as 25% any of the recent blog sketches which can be found here. Thanks all!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Happy Birthday FF!

My favorite super team turns 50 today (according to what I've been told, I wasn't there), so I had to come out of hiding to draw the Fantastic Four. Here's to you Reed, Sue, Ben and...what? Oh...

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Flash Fact

Ha, so I lied! I was fortunate enough to find a few minutes this morning to sketch out a small Flash mug. As I mentioned last time, it's my pick at the Comic Twart this week, and for the time being I'm just going to use this as a placeholder for what I'd really like to do.

And like every other time it's my pick I'll be posting favorite Flash art over at my tumblr all week.

Monday, August 01, 2011


Hey all! Sorry for the absence, and unfortunately I may not be posting a whole lot for the next month or so. It's for a good reason though! My daughter arrived last Friday, so for the time being I'll be pretty busy with her. I hope to get back to posting when I can though, and I've been told I can start talking about some of the things I've been working on, so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, it's my pick at the Comic Twart this week, and while I won't be able to contribute I hope you'll all check it out to see the guys take on one of my all-time favorites.

All for now, see you sooner than later.