Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Billy's New Threads

Since we got a better look at Shazam's (the new DC Universe's Captain Marvel) costume yesterday I figured I should give it a try to say that I did. It took a good while longer to do than I expected-- I guess I got so used to drawing the guy one way that anything else took me a while to wrap my head around. There's still some details that I'm not sure whether I got right or not. Either way, it was definitely interesting to tackle a design so different from my own wheelhouse.

I still can't draw the guy not smiling though.


Anonymous said...

I really love your work and your love of Captain Marvel, but I hate the New 52 and I hate his new costume and his new characterization and, well, I hate this, too.


Luke said...

Contrary to the first commenter, I like this. The costume still sicks, but your composition, colouring, lack of crazy crosshatch shadow and most importantly the smile make this seem more like the Cap we knew and love.

Paul Bonzulac said...

Your Drawing - 10.0

New Design - 0.0