Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mike Wieringo

Today marks 5 years since the passing of Mike Wieringo. Mike was the first monthly working artist I really latched onto when I started reading comics and drawing, and his work is always in the back of my mind somewhere. I never got the chance to meet or talk to him and very much wish that I had, if only to tell him what an impression he made on me.

This Superman and Krypto sketch by Mike is my favorite piece that I own. I've talked about it fairly often. It hangs in my office right above my desk and I take a minute just to look at it nearly every day. Instead of just posting the sketch, I thought I'd try my hand at coloring it this year, something I've never done.

Thanks for everything, Mike.

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Doug said...

Wonderful tribute, Doc.

Wieringo remains one of my absolute favorites to this day. I did have the pleasure to meet the man and even got to know him throw email correspondence towards the end. Needless to say, I was shocked when his passing was announced, not unlike right now, with the passing of the legendary Joe Kubert.