Monday, February 04, 2013

Pre-ECCC Commissions!

Emerald City Comicon is less than a month away! I'll be at the show again, sharing a table with Mitchwith Gerads, and taking sketches throughout. However, if you'd like to order a sketch beforehand to pick up at the convention you can do that as well. The rates for pre-show commissions are the same as my regular rates, found here -- 

These will be taken first come first serve, and I'm only keeping a certain number of slots open for this list, so if you're thinking about getting one the sooner you get your request in the better. Additionally, I'll only be taking a certain number of "bust" commissions and a certain number of "figure" commissions. I'll do my best to keep this post updated as either category fills up. As always, e-mail me at if you're interested.

UPDATE: The list is full, thanks folks! If you're attending the show you can still get a sketch there.

All the remaining commissions from the last round have been finished and will be sent out later this week. Unfortunately, beyond this round of ECCC commissions, I don't plan on taking commissions again soon.

I look forward to seeing any of you folks attending the show at the end of the month!

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