Monday, June 01, 2015

Regarding HEROES Con sketches--

I've had a number of folks asking me about pre-convention sketches the last month or so, which can only mean that Heroes Con is coming soon. So here's the deal:

Unfortunately, I will not be taking pre-convention commissions this time around. That isn't to say that I won't do them for shows in the future, but at the moment there just isn't enough time to do them justice before hand. I'm just getting back to work today after a few weeks off, and after some consideration I've decided I'd rather just focus on getting work done so I can have a good time while I'm in North Carolina.

I will, however, be doing sketches at the table. I haven't decided on prices yet but I will likely be doing a handful of simple sketches each day of the show, first come first serve. I should have more info on those before everything starts.

Since I couldn't make it last year, this will be my first time at Heroes and I am very excited about it. Hope to see you there!

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